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'The Giant Hunters Homecoming' — Digital Painting - Copyright 2022 - Jephyr - All Rights Reserved

'The Giant Hunters - Homecoming'

Digital Painting — April 2022 (See an older version of the scroll below)

Back in 2016, I did a quick digital sketch
of a cartoony face that kinda reminded me of a
friend of mine (who has since passed away).

Periodically, I'd open that sketch and work on it a bit —
and after creating his body I decided to add a little rabbit pal for him.

And then as you see in the final painting at the top of this
page — I kept expanding the image — first adding the bear, then their
female companion, and finally additional details to the background.

Somewhere along the way I decided they'd been paid handsomely
in gold as a reward— and the image began to feel complete.

Although I must add that it then sat unfinished in a 'works in
progress' file for years until I opened it again recently I finally decided
to complete it — which mostly just consisted of polishing it up.

Originally I created a scroll explaining their mission
but got some feedback on art forum
that it was too hard to read and I should change it —
and so I did as you'll see in the final image above.


This image was finalized — digitally painted using a Wacom Tablet
and Krita— awesome, FREE! computer painting software



Image Copyright 2022, Jephyr! (Jeff Curtis)
All Rights Reserved