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My personal web-pages

Jephyr's Blog: My Blog on

Jephyr on Facebook: You KNOW you want to "friend" me!

Jephyr on Concept Art: My "sketchbook" on a very cool site for concept artists. I've been keeping this updated regularly recently.

Jephyr on MySpace: My Jeff Curtis artist link on MySpace. Most of the same images you'll find here but with links to other great artists with a MySpace page.

Freight Train on MySpace: Jeff Curtis music on MySpace...featuring 4 short song demos.

JephyrX on YouTube: A growing number of videos about art, speed paintings and animations.

twenty4forty on YouTube: My 3 video collaborations with Davey Doolittle are here.

Jeff Curtis Google Profile: Just like it Google profile.
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Best Tribute To Michael Jackson: A respectful site, created by a friend, for the late MJ. RIP Michael!

Adavian Group: A friends site - currently under construction.

Buy Art

Oil Paintings: Buy hand-painted oil painting reproductions by Monet, Van Gogh and Klimt and many other famous artists.

Teaching and Training

Mesa Community College: Part of the nationally acclaimed Maricopa Community College System, one of the largest community colleges in the US. MCC offers a number of highly regarded areas of study including Fine Art and Computer Art.

Gingher Leyendecker: Hands down, one of the best instructors I've ever had. If you want to learn to draw, especially the human form, enroll in one of her Life Drawing Classes at MCC. See examples of my class work here: Life Drawing.

Drawing Dynamics: An instructional DVD on Charcoal Drawing featuring Mesa Community College instructor Gingher Leyendecker. The quality of the DVD is a very low (audio quality and camera work) but the teaching is excellent.

Art Supplies and Art Related Products

Arizona Art Supply: Thanks to the web, you don't have to live in Arizona to get all your art supplies here. If you live in Arizona you may already know: They're friendly and knowledgeable and stock everything you need. Check them out and see, and tell them I sent you. : )

Sketchbook Pro: A fantastic computer program that allows you to "paint" and "draw" directly into your computer using a PC tablet. See examples of it's use on my Digital Art link above.

Wacom: The "name" in computer drawing tablets. I use their Intuos model.


Animation Forum: Helpful advice, tutorials for animators and artists.

AWN Forums: Another forum for animators and artists.

Concept Art: A more serious art forum generally geared toward fantasy and concept artists. The founders are MCC alum.

Wet Canvas: A HUGE art forum and site. If you're into art...of any'll find information, tips, tutorials and people of a like mind here.


Frank Frazetta: THE late and great, iconic fantasy artist! Amazing!

Sebastian Krüger: A Master at capturing the essence of a person in caricatured drawings and paintings. Most famous perhaps for his humorous takes on members of the Rolling Stones.

Sam Jinks: A "not safe for work" or for folks under 18 Australian Edge interview with Melbourne artist Sam Jinks who creates hyper-realistic silicon sculptures. A must see...but not for the faint of heart.

Cynthia Peterson: MCC instructor and fine artist. Cyndie has a number of her paintings in galleries at this site. Recommended viewing.

r crumb: Irreverent, abrasive, pornographic?, self portrayed sex maniac...underground comic artist known widely for Fritz The Cat, the "Keep On Truckin" guy, Janis Joplin's album art, and Crumb (the movie). All of which he claims to loath. Only for those not easily offended


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