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A list of art related links and sites of interest


My personal web-pages

Jephyr's Blog: My Art Blog. It's a bit easier for me to update here so it is usually more current.

Jephyr on Concept Art: My "sketchbook" on a very cool site for concept artists.

Jephyr X on YouTube: My videos about art, speed paintings, animations and time-lapse photography.

Twenty4Forty on YouTube: My 3 video collaborations with Davey Doolittle are here.

Teaching and Training

Mesa Community College: Part of the nationally acclaimed Maricopa Community College System, one of the largest community colleges in the US. MCC offers a number of highly regarded areas of study including Fine Art and Computer Art.

Art Supplies and Art Related Products

Arizona Art Supply: Thanks to the web, you don't have to live in Arizona to get all your art supplies here. If you live in Arizona you may already know: They're friendly and knowledgeable and stock everything you need. Check them out and see, and tell them I sent you. : )

Wacom: The "name" in computer drawing tablets. I use their Intuos model.


AWN Forums: Another forum for animators and artists.

Concept Art: An art forum generally geared toward fantasy and concept artists. The founders are MCC alum.

Wet Canvas: A HUGE art forum and site. If you're into art of any kind — you'll find information, tips, tutorials and people of a like mind here.


Frank Frazetta: THE late and great, iconic fantasy artist! Amazing!

Sebastian Krüger: A Master at capturing the essence of a person in caricatured drawings and paintings. Most famous perhaps for his humorous caricatures of members of the Rolling Stones.


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