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Artist Jeff Curtis surrounded by a number of his paintings.


I'm Arizona Artist Jephyr—although some of you may know me better as Jeff Curtis.


My dad often called me Jeffer—and every summer for many years my mom used to travel with my sisters and I on the California Zephyr ←(link opens new window), an amazing Art Deco Style passenger train complete with dome cars and friendly old porters.

We'd travel to visit her family on (what seemed like to a kid) an unending journey—from the majestic mountains of Colorado to the farmlands and plains of Nebraska.

I'd stare out a dome car or coach window, watching the high canyons change to flat-land fields of corn and other crops whizzing by in the view.


When my parents both passed away in 2007, I took on the name Jephyr as a way to honor both their memories—using my dad's nickname for me full-time and spelling it like Zephyr—as an on-going remembrance of them both.


Please feel free to take a look at my artwork by following the links in this site.

Late October 2019:

Just finished a comprehensive update of my Sketchbook Drawings

So now it and my Digital Art links are WAY more current/complete.

Thank you for visiting!


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