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'NEXT!' — Digital Painting - Copyright 2022 - Jephyr - All Rights Reserved - NOAI


Digital Painting — October 2022

A while back now, I took a college Art
History course with a wunnerful instructor whose
enthusiasm made the subject come alive.
(Thanks LP!)

If you've looked through other pages here,
you may have already noted that the Renaissance
era "Memento Mori"— which reminded the people of
that day: "Remember, you are mortal" — made
quite an impact on me — and I've created
several pieces with that theme in mind.

In 2019, I sketched the concept for the
digital painting I just finished (above) and named
it Momento Murray — as a humorous twist on
that idea — and you can see it here.

Recently, I posted a color study over that old
sketch on an art forum I post on — and a couple of the
people there suggested I finish it for Halloween.

I'm not really into the holiday myself — and
usually only do Christmas themed artwork — but
decided to get it done in time per that suggestion — but
as is often the case — I think this image still points
to the futility of making only this life our aim — and
call this digitally painted version, 'NEXT!'


This image was digitally painted using a Wacom Tablet Interface
and Krita— awesome, FREE! computer painting software



Image Copyright 2022, Jephyr! (Jeff Curtis)
All Rights Reserved