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"War Drums" -  Photograph -  Copyright 2014, Jephyr! (Jeff Curtis) - All Rights Reserved

"War Drums" - 2014

One afternoon I raced across Phoenix hoping to capture
good sky photos with some lenses I was testing for my camera.

With one eye on the road and the other looking
out my side window — I chased after the setting sun hoping to
find a good place to pull over and get some images.

Eventually I found myself on some side streets along the
south mountains at 75th avenue and found a place to pull just
before the sun went down and captured this image.


Later, as I was loading my tripod and cameras
etc in my car — I heard a man at a distant house yell,
"Stop taking pictures" — and then, "I've got a gun."

About then, a tribal cop showed up and told me I
was on "reservation land" and unless I was a tribal member
I wasn't allowed to stop there and could be cited for
trespassing — then he added, "I don't want to sound
racist — but they hate white people out here
and it can be dangerous after dark.

I told him I was leaving — and had already been threatened.

Since I was leaving I didn't want to do anything about being
threatened and fortunately he didn't write me a ticket either.

Looking back — I'm happy I captured this image —
AND that I have an interesting tale to tell about it as well.



Image: Copyright 2014, Jephyr! (Jeff Curtis)
All Rights Reserved