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Digital Painting "It Came From The U.N." - Copyright, 2012, Jephyr

Hello! This digital painting was begun in December of 2011.

It sat in the beginning stages in my "works in progress files"
until I had time to finally finish it after the 2012 fall semester at school.

I've had the idea of creating a graphic novel in mind for some time.

It would deal with our current world and the age we live in.

This image incorporates some of the ideas of
trans-humanism and the "New World Oder" agenda being
promoted by the powerful elites in our world.

You can read all about the ideas, my thought process
involved in painting this image, and see a composite of my
"process steps" on my art blog:

"It Came From The U.N."


Created using Adobe Photoshop
And A Wacom Intuos Tablet

Image: Copyright 2012, Jephyr (Jeff Curtis), All Rights Reserved





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