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Digital Painting "Back Muscle Study" - Copyright, 2014, Jephyr

Hi! I was working on a back anatomy study
from a photo and started to feel like I was a bit
lost. I went through my image bank looking
for other anatomy references and found an
amazing image I'd saved a while ago.

Originally painted by Nicolas Henri Jacob,
who created hundreds of anatomic refrences for
the Complete Treatise of Human Anatomy,
from 1782 to 1871.

I got to work creating a study of that image and
captured my painting process of the final image
shown above and created a "Speed Painting"
video that I posted to YouTube as well.

(See the video embedded below)

I offer some tips and info on digital painting
in the video too.


Image: Copyright 2014, Jephyr (Jeff Curtis), All Rights Reserved




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