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Keyframe Animation - "The Forgotten Toy" by Jeff Curtis

This project was submitted to fulfill the keyframe animation assignment for Art 170.

Techniques also taught in my Fall Art 185, 179 and 284 classes were used, so this project was also submitted as part of "combined projects" for them.


Art 179 - The narration and sound effects were planned and scripted in advance. The "story" benefited from class lectures and discussions; ideas gained from the "movie watching" assignments and many elements of "movie-making" were used throughout.

Art 185 & 284 - This animation/video began with the Foundation Book - Project Two, which uses a number of the techiques taught in these classes, as well as the summer Art 170 class, including:

In general - Advanced Duplication, the use of Layers, Scaling, Orthogonal view modeling and Parenting.

The Box - NURBs Curves, Lofting, The Outliner, Curves Offset, The Hypershade, Surfaces Planar, Editing Texture Maps, and Projection Mapping.

The Handle - The CV Curve Tool and Extruding a NURBs Circle with flat spans along a Path.

The Jack-In-The-Box - The CV Curve Tool, Revolve, CV Modeling, use of the Maya Artisan for head sculpting (pulling, pushing, smoothing, flooding, brushes, etc), Rebuilding Surfaces, and Painting On Surfaces.

To view an animation made by using this exercise combined
with an original story, narration, music and sound effects
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